My name is Sarah Szabo. There are many Sarah Szabos, and I am one of them.

As a writer, I’ve had fiction and nonfiction published in myriad newspapers, magazines, and journals in the USA, spanning sea to shining sea, covering topics uncountable. I’m proudly on the masthead of the Modern Drunkard Magazine, a member of the editorial board at the Nimrod International Journal, and I also write a variety of things for Zergnet.

My short story, Awake, received formal reward and recognition from the Tulsa City-County Library, and also my parents. I’ve been honored by the Oklahoma Society of Professional Journalists, and was OK SO Story Slam’s 2017 runner-up for best storyteller in Tulsa. In college, I won a first-place journalism award from the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature, following the receipt of which I briefly disappeared. I am also single.

In fifth grade, for homework, as an end-of-year project, I wrote a novel, called Star Wreck: The Journey to Banff. It won accolades.

My second grade teacher, Miss Kreder, still anticipates my jokebook. I was in love with my kindergarten teacher at the age of six, and I remain so, I feel like, to a certain extent, up to this day.

Everything I say is true. I’ve never been sarcastic, not once, in my entire life.

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Published Fiction:

Dark Moon Digest, issue 24, July 2016, “The Killer and the Star

Drunk Monkeys, vol. 1, issue 4, July 2016, “Beer Mile

Drunk Monkeys, vol. 1, issue 4, July 2016, “Fit of Inspiration

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, 2015, “Chaos Clause” (Also appeared in Rosebud Literary Journal, in alternate form, #59 Fall 2015)

Drunk Monkeys, May 2015, “Awake“, published in Drunk Monkeys Anthology Volume 3, March 17 2016, available in paperback here, and on Kindle here.

Wild Violets, May 2015, “The Rotten Ones” (Also appeared in Janet Kuypers‘ journal cc&d), 2015

Author Pages:


Nicki Swift

Edible Tulsa

Brutal Hammer

Oklahoma Magazine

Selected Articles and Essays:

Modern Drunkard #61, “This River Runs Wild”

The Tulsa Voice Vol. 3 No. 6, “As I Am” (Cover Feature)  

Modern Drunkard #60, “Beauty in the Blackout

Modern Drunkard #59, “The Party Stops for Nobody

Modern Drunkard #58, “Wasted Youth: The Awful, Awesome Excess of the Teenage Drunkard

Modern Drunkard #59, “Here’s Why Champagne is Fucking Overrated

Modern Drunkard #58, “Here’s How To Make a Fucking Bloody Mary

This Land Press, August 2013, “A Comanche House in Cache

Autostaddle, March 2013, “And I Do Mean All My Life”: A Trans* Coming Out Letter 

This Land Press, 2011, Eastland: Where Malls Go When They Die

This Land Press, 2011, Wanenmacher Arms Show