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this site is awesome. it’s a website that shows archived kickstarter projects that received no. freaking. money and it’s an awesome boneyard full of other losers’ failure that is pleasant to behold and hem and chortle at. the site is called kickended.

i am sure that taking great satisfaction in the raw failures of others is a universal human delight and not just some perversion of my own psyche—yes—yes i am quite comfortable that this is just a goofy thing we all enjoy and not feeling like this is utterly revealing of anything misanthropic or revolting about me as a person in the world even a little bit at all


I’ve been maddeningly into movies/films/stories/articles/books/&c about voyeurism, lately. Not voyeurism itself, which seems to be, according to the internet, in its raw form, mostly upskirt footage that is loathsome, predatory, and horrid. No.  I am interested in topics on the phenomenon itself, and artful or scholastic interps or representations of it. I feel like this topic is very cool to study, and lightly trafficked in. Humans are so fuckin weird.


I sleep in a room with five windows. Often, after dark, I won’t sit in this room without the lights dimmed, or the blinds drawn.

One window lacks blinds, or curtains. I feel in there, often, very observed, although at this angle, with the height of my neighboring buildings, I am surely not.

But it is a strange feeling.

And voyeurism is a strange thing.

Tweet me if you know some cool material. This field, I feel, holds some bizarre and fruitful ground.

youtube rabbit hole: full peliculas completas, particularly Peeping Tom—released 1960, subtitulos Español.