A rare glance inside my long-rumored drug vault

Check this out, bitches.

Are you beginning to understand the sort of weight that I’m dealing in? The scale of my operation? Is a sense of respect beginning to tickle the tip of your dick? Look at this shit.

Zoom in. Let me explain. See those red petals? That’s dried flower of Rhocanesis Enhancis. You mix that shit into a tea. The shit makes you feel like Pac-Man, and your wife and four kids become the motherfucking ghosts. Do you see that green powder? That’s Kolkavakashnikov. That’s kava kava root mixed with volcanic soil mixed with gunpowder and coffee beans. The dried soul of a salamander is sprinkled over the top. You put that shit into a tea.

The little bags of white stuff? Exactly what you think it is.

The little blobs of black stuff? Exactly what you think it is.

The red flakes are reconstituted mephedrone. The orange powder is budding a couple strange varieties of psychedelic mushrooms. The counterfeit twenty dollar bill plates are not what they look like they are. The milk-white baggies are full of the stuff that almost killed Lamar Odom. The herb is homegrown White Fire OG. The pink shit is MPDV. Everything else is Molly. Call me bitches ###-###-####