Capsule review of the 7-episode television phenomenon “Big Little Lies”

thoughts recorded over the course of an extremely lazy day spent watching HBO’s 7-episode sensation “Big Little Lies”

(three times an episode for the first five episodes) OK. a better name would definitely be Rich White Bitches.

(last two episodes) Hmmmm. Perhaps these bitches aren’t so bad after all.

*SPOILERS**(FINAL EPISODE)********The bitches have united.

I wish the murder was cooler.

I’m not satisfied with how it took seven hours to get to the murder.

I’m not satisfied with the target of the murder or the way the murder is committed.

the murder was both climax and anticlimax…

this show doesn’t have enough twists

the point of the show is that it doesn’t have twists??

the chekhov gun was a red herring

not clear how that one mom affords this lifestyle

The show is about feminism.

actors good

the rich should definitely be killed

I’m not sure what level of irony this climactic karaoke match is on

this show’s not that good

this show’s fine I guess

a second season would be really bad

i don’t really give a shit

there weren’t very many lies in this show at all

perhaps that was the biggest of the lies

probably not going to read it but this is definitely a book-is-better situation

is this a satire?

number of scenes of wife beating necessary to get the point: 2 at most

number of scenes of wife beating I think I saw in this thing: 30, 40 or so

number of scenes of wife beating that were oddly sexy: all of them, up to and including the one that resulted in somebody getting their head fatally caved in

is this more or less of a satire than the young pope?

Man… the young pope was…………..sweet